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Our free trial allows you to try our great label maker before you buy! Follow these simple instructions to get your free trial:

Download Instructions:

Step 1. Click the 'download' button below to download the trial.

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Step 3. Run the setup file:

Step 4. Read the instructions provided by the setup wizard. The setup wizard will install the free trial onto your pc. Once this has finished, double click the new "Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator" icon in your program files menu to start your free trial and start printing your labels.
Step 5. After printing 10 labels the software will no longer allow you to print the labels that you design. Click the Buy Now button on the label designer screen to purchase a serial number to allow you to continue printing your labels.

Please contact us if you need any help or have a question.

System Requirements:
Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator will work with Windows XP, 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, 2003 and Windows Vista. You will need a printer installed on your computer to use our software to print any labels.

Version History:

The following change log shows all the changes that have been made in previous versions of our cd label software Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator:

Version 4.13(current) 12th March 2007
  1. A 'Check for updates' feature has been implemented.
Version 4.12 27th August 2006
  1. Disc label title now prints correctly as well as displaying on screen.
  2. The 'Clear Image' button now has a white background.
Version 4.11 1st August 2006
  1. Bug Fix: Buttons are now redrawn correctly when the software loses focus to another application and then regains focus again.